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How Raspberry Pi Helped Me Right a Wrong

A New Opportunity

One of my negotiated requirements for joining Shacknews in mid-2010 was the company would relocate me to the United States within a year. By April 2011, I was living in Los Angeles; over 3000 miles away from my home in Toronto.

As moving expenses would be retroactively paid, I was in a tough situation. Moving to America wasn’t a cheap proposition. Plane tickets, international freight shipping, rent, and utilities were hitting my finances hard so I decided to sell off some of my most precious collectibles.¬†These primarily consisted of SNES games; a collection I lovingly put together over years from my teenage to my twenties.

Selling that pile of games was the biggest video game-related mistakes I’ve ever made (save for pre-ordering Brute Force), but thanks to the Raspberry Pi that bruise is starting to heal.