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Guerrilla Warfare: Review-ish Thoughts on Horizon Zero Dawn

Review-ish Thoughts

It’s a good thing Horizon: Zero Dawn‘s statistics menu doesn’t list hours played, otherwise I might be horrified at the amount of time I’ve dedicated to the PS4-exclusive.

Guerrilla Games has delivered its magnum opus; a post-apocalyptic future earth where humans have been pushed back into the food chain.

There was always this charge in the games industry that Guerrilla’s intention was to release “a Halo killer”. Whether or not that was the studio’s intention — or if it then was mandated to chase that dragon due to the rising popularity of console shooters — the Killzone series never quite accomplished that goal. Thirteen years later, Guerrilla extracted itself from becoming a factory to manufacture the same captivation found in games like Halo to try something new.

Though, Horizon: Zero Dawn is not completely different.