Splinter Cell Conviction Interrogation

Splinter Cell Timeline: From Sam Fisher’s Origins to Conviction

Splinter Cell Universe

During my time at GamePro Magazine, I had the pleasure of working on a cover story revealing the world of Splinter Cell Conviction. Though the game is looked upon as the black sheep of the franchise, it was a game I thoroughly enjoyed.

Fans seemed to dislike Conviction‘s action focus, as it took the stealth hero Sam Fisher out of the shadows. Sam Fisher became Jason Bourne. In my review, I focused my attention on what Conviction was attempting to do, rather than compare it to other games in the series. Years later, I still feel it succeeded.

Narratively, Splinter Cell Conviction informs its action superbly well. Sam Fisher’s objective is to hunt the man responsible for the death of his daughter. Conviction focused on one man hellbent on revenge. Previous games followed a soldier¬†silently stalking terrorist-riddled locations to save the world. Conviction was raw and aggressive versus the franchise’s slow and tense history. It was the right tone to set for a game tracking a hero who had nothing to lose.

For the GamePro Magazine cover story, written by the always-wonderful John Davison, I provided a recap of the series from games to novels that led to the events of Conviction. I recently found the original PDF proofs of that feature and wanted to share it with the world, pouring one out for the wonderful GamePro Magazine legacy.

In the coming days, I’ll also publish the original review from GamePro Magazine, in which I made a similar argument for the game’s five-star rating.

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