Splinter Cell Conviction Interrogation

Splinter Cell Timeline: From Sam Fisher’s Origins to Conviction

Splinter Cell Universe

During my time at GamePro Magazine, I had the pleasure of working on a cover story revealing the world of Splinter Cell Conviction. Though the game is looked upon as the black sheep of the franchise, it was a game I thoroughly enjoyed.

Fans seemed to dislike Conviction‘s action focus, as it took the stealth hero Sam Fisher out of the shadows. Sam Fisher became Jason Bourne. In my review, I focused my attention on what Conviction was attempting to do, rather than compare it to other games in the series. Years later, I still feel it succeeded.

Ten Hours of Mass Effect Andromeda Footage

Trial By Fire

I’m still compiling my thoughts on Mass Effect Andromeda after ten hours with the game’s trial via Origin Access on PC (also available on Xbox). Until then, enjoy nearly ten hours of footage from the game. Included is a complete playthrough of all available missions, including side quests and errands. Due to gameplay gates, some missions can’t be completed during the trial.

The last video in the series (six in total) features my first crack at multiplayer. I wish I dedicated more time to this mode as I found it quite fun when I realized how missions were tiered.

Science vs Sharknado

How Did This Get Made?

My favorite podcast is Earwolf’s How Did This Get Made. The show is a hilarious takedown of (generally) terrible movies. Its hosts tend to lose their damn minds when discussing the plots or lack thereof of these terrible multi-million dollar disaster zones. In How Did This Get Made, Episode #67 from July 2013, the crew examines the science of Sharknado.

Listen to the show and if you’re in the Los Angeles area, you should check out the live episodes. I’m going to my second recording in April.

[Animation Credit: Jay Marks]

Raspberry Pi

How Raspberry Pi Helped Me Right a Wrong

A New Opportunity

One of my negotiated requirements for joining Shacknews in mid-2010 was the company would relocate me to the United States within a year. By April 2011, I was living in Los Angeles; over 3000 miles away from my home in Toronto.

As moving expenses would be retroactively paid, I was in a tough situation. Moving to America wasn’t a cheap proposition. Plane tickets, international freight shipping, rent, and utilities were hitting my finances hard so I decided to sell off some of my most precious collectibles. These primarily consisted of SNES games; a collection I lovingly put together over years from my teenage to my twenties.

Selling that pile of games was the biggest video game-related mistakes I’ve ever made (save for pre-ordering Brute Force), but thanks to the Raspberry Pi that bruise is starting to heal.

Guerrilla Warfare: Review-ish Thoughts on Horizon Zero Dawn

Review-ish Thoughts

It’s a good thing Horizon: Zero Dawn‘s statistics menu doesn’t list hours played, otherwise I might be horrified at the amount of time I’ve dedicated to the PS4-exclusive.

Guerrilla Games has delivered its magnum opus; a post-apocalyptic future earth where humans have been pushed back into the food chain.

There was always this charge in the games industry that Guerrilla’s intention was to release “a Halo killer”. Whether or not that was the studio’s intention — or if it then was mandated to chase that dragon due to the rising popularity of console shooters — the Killzone series never quite accomplished that goal. Thirteen years later, Guerrilla extracted itself from becoming a factory to manufacture the same captivation found in games like Halo to try something new.

Though, Horizon: Zero Dawn is not completely different.